Pre-hiring Welders Assessment

When hiring new welders, Engineering and Labour Hire companies very often don’t have a chance to run candidates through practical tests to verify the candidate skills.

A very common scenario is that because of time and resources constraints you would hire someone based on his CV, and after spending time and money through the recruitment and onboarding process your No#1 candidate fails his welder qualification and becomes a bit of a useless chap.

This is why, after receiving complaints from their customers, some labour hire companies are asking us to assess some of their staff before putting them on the market.  Likewise, we have individuals proactively coming to us to biff up their CV and get a competitive advantage to negotiate an extra $ when applying for a position.

The assessment is done at our premises under our Welding Inspector and Welding Trainer scrutiny and covers:

    • H&S awareness, PPE, site safety
    • machine set up
    • welding procedure interpretation
    • welding preparation
    • fit up of the testing plates
    • welding test in Butt weld and Fillet weld and final
    • how they present their weld for inspection when finished

An assessment typically takes 1 ½ hours, after which an assessment report is issued with detailed information and pictures of the weld.

If required the assessment can also include a full certification or recertification to specific procedures for a fresh and clean start.

Pre-hire assessment is a time and cost saving process building confidence that a welder can actually walk the walk.